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Even people who have very little interest in horror have seen the movie The Exorcist by Peter Blatty, adapted from his book by the same title. Many attempts to depict exorcisms have been made since then, though none have had the same impact as this one. Winning two of its ten Academy Award nominations, the depraved demonic possession of a young Linda Blair shocked audiences and opened new doors into the world of supernatural horror. Possibly the most striking thing about the film, in my opinion, was the realism. I think that was what scared me the most. I could feel it happening and sensed that a possession was in fact a possibility.

It’s one thing to see a film or read a novel about such things, but what is it like to perform exorcisms in real life? For some answers I interviewed real-life Demonologist Bat Anderson:

Kym: The word sounds so dark, but in reality what you do is so good. Could you explain for our readers what exactly is a Demonologist?

Bat: “A Demonologist is a person who has strong faith in God, then studies everything Demonic: names and ranks… you learn who is the most powerful and who has legions of demons underneath him. Demons act and have tricks associated with them. I have studied under a well-known exorcist and friend. He did not charge me for the two years of training, but I did have to buy a small mountain of books. I had to study… and then I was quizzed. It was like a college course for sure. I won’t go into my studies in depth; I don’t want readers thinking all they have to do is read a few books and think they know what they are doing. It takes a ton of scripture and a ton of faith along with a lot of books, not to mention a ton of first-hand field-work.”

Kym: I’m wondering if there is a specific way that you would define a demon? I hear so many different definitions, like it’s a negative spirit from a deceased human, or a fallen angel etc. What is your definition?

Bat: “No a demon is an entity that never walked as a human! It is a fallen angel that was never in human form! Although they can come to you as a human spirit… They hate mankind and they are out to destroy anything human! I have heard people referring to demons as stupid! Well truth be told, demons have been on earth since the beginning of time. They are not stupid and they have many, many tricks up their sleeve. Anything they can use to take you off your game they will search for it and use it. They use a li’l trick on ghost hunters; they act like the spirit of a child, and will attach themselves to anyone and end up at their homes. If ghost hunters do not protect themselves they will end up with company they can’t handle, or worse! The only definition that I have of a real demon is pure evil! Demons are master deceivers not from this earth.”

Kym: I’m wondering if there was any kind of event in your life that led you to want to do this kind of work? If not, why do you think you are drawn to it?

Bat: “I did not choose this field, I was called to it by a priest! And though it wasn’t my calling (the Priest should have been in the mafia), he would not take no for an answer! I had dealt with demonic activity growing up. I really didn’t want to get into this field! But the more this priest pulled teeth, the more I agreed.”

Kym: So you don’t have to be a Priest…

Bat: “No. You do not have to be a Priest to be a Demonologist. The Priest chose me. If you are a Catholic Priest you could get trained in Demonology… I am not Catholic. That is why I was sworn to secrecy by him – the Priest, and friend; his name is not spoken by me, because it goes against the Catholic religion for [a] non-Catholic to be trained as a Demonologist.

A word of caution, you must be very knowledgeable in the Bible and with scripture and [have] a profound faith in God and understanding in your enemy. You cannot wake up one day and say “Oh, I will go out and fight demons!” Not so. A demon can fight you psychologically as well as physically. If you are not well prepared and ready for a real fight… stay home. If God is not in your heart and not number one please do not bother; you will lose, or worse!”

Kym: So, you’ve performed exorcisms…

Bat: “Yes I have done four and I assisted in at least ten before I was told I was ready. It is not something for the faint of heart.”

Kym: I have to ask, are exorcisms anything like we see in the movies?

Bat: “Yes and No. No because Exorcisms do not have special effects and yes because I have seen and felt things that most would run from. The movies we all know [are] not real but when you are working with a real Exorcism and looking into eyes of pure evil, and there is no Director waiting to say cut… I have been bit, scratched, punched and my hair pulled… and then when the Exorcism starts it can be worse. If your faith is not strong and you are not careful, you and everyone stand to be injured. It is for real, no actors, and no special effects.”

Kym: You seem to be a very positive person. Are you negatively affected by coming into contact with Demons?

Bat: “Yes, I am 95% positive and 5% negativity comes from being in contact with Demonic Entities. They affect you psychologically and physically. One thing I have learned is to hide my fear; they look for any portal to attack. Fear is one and your body is another portal. Demons are highly intelligent and resourceful, and most of all they are pure evil. They will use anything to throw you off your game. It is Christ who does the fighting. I am a mere weak vessel. God is the victor and I am the instrument.”

Kym: How does a Demonologist protect himself from a Demon?

Bat: “I can only answer for what I do. Prayer and asking for forgiveness is first. Sometimes I use Holy Oil to anoint myself along with prayer for protection and I also ask for the Angel Michael to be by my side. Yes, there are many and there will be other Demons around. I have seen them as I have done Exorcisms, but my faith is very strong. I also know that Jesus and the Angels are with me, Amen.”

Kym: How do you know you are dealing with a Demon?

Bat: “I do some psychological profiles. Some think they are possessed and are not, but my screenings keep me informed. I am also empathic, which helps me immensely. Also once you have felt true evil it can hide, but being empathic does make it a little easier for me to find it. Seldom these days do I find myself playing hide and go seek. In the beginning it was not always easy but today I am better at knowing the tell-tale signs. And yes there are some mental issues that can mask Demons, as well as just plain mental issues without Demonic influences.”

Kym: What is the worst thing you have encountered during an exorcism and how did you deal with it?

Bat “Okay, I was doing an exorcism on a young lady. Her husband called me in tears; he said his wife was possessed! He said he called a Priest and the Priest walked in, saw his wife and left without saying a word! I was puzzled by this, so I told the man I’d be there in an hour and a half. He was local. I did my protection prayers and used my holy oil, then set out to see what was up!

The husband was standing outside when I arrived! I shook his hand and introduced myself. He was visibly shaken. I asked where his wife was. He just pointed to the front door of the tiny house. I asked him to bow his head, as I said a brief protection prayer.

I walked toward the door and turned. He had not moved, I said, ‘Are you coming?’ He said no you go, please! I thought that very odd. I stopped just short of the door and said another protection prayer. I opened the door and walked in.

It was like walking into a freezer, and the stench was breathtaking! I looked around and didn’t see anyone! Then I caught a brief glance of a foot high in the air. I looked up and a young, thin naked woman was levitating five foot in the air! As I looked up I seen her eyes were rolled back in her head. Her white eyes met mine. A smile came upon her face. She began floating down to me slowly. In a minute she was face to face with me. It was then I realized why the Priest left! She was face to face with me, feet never touching the floor. I looked into the white eyes and said, ‘You know why I’m here. Now let’s get to work!’

I placed my hand on her frozen forehead and said…. ‘Demon what is your name?’ It screamed at me with a lion’s roar. Then her feet hit the ground! At that point the fight was on! But… my first instinct was to run right out the door!

I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard a soft voice say… ‘Do not run, we are with you, be strong.’ And I was. The exorcism lasted six hours! I was dead tired and wasn’t sure I was going to make it through, but I did and as I was fighting this demonic entity, I could see others! But I had very strong help.

At the end, the young lady was laying on the kitchen table. Her color had come back, the air was warm, and the stench was gone! The house felt like a house and not some desolate cave in a mountain! When the demon left it was like a roar of a lion again and two windows burst out! Then it was gone!

The husband came running in and over to his wife! He covered her and carried her off [to] the bedroom so she could get dressed and she did. The man thanked me at least a hundred times. The man handed me a check for eight thousand dollars. I gave the check back and told him to donate it to a local church!

I did get the name of the demon, and it was one of the most fierce I ever met. It was so very strong and it could have taken my life at the snap of its fingers! But it wasn’t me it was fighting; it was who was with me: My God and savior! It would have killed me for sure, but it was the God of life who fought it! I don’t take credit for what I do. God has that glory.

I cannot tell you everything that happened that day, but the demons were defeated and I live another day to tell the facts of that meeting. But the truth is, it was the most frightening entity I ever encountered, and God be willing, I won’t ever have to face anything that powerful again. I have faced many, but never this strong! Amen!”

Kym: That sounds really terrifying and I’m sure that retelling the story can also be draining as I can feel you reliving it, so I’ll just finish with two quick questions: What don’t we know about Demonologists?

Bat: “There are real and there are fake. Personally, my colleagues do not accept me in the Demonology field because I do not have a certificate of authenticity, but in the field you cannot just pull out a certificate and show it to a Demon because he will laugh at you. Because of my Facebook status I refuse to sit there and look down my nose at people who are not Christians. I do not preach fire and brimstone. I am not a judge; that is God’s work. I am just a mere man, I have many flaws but my love of Christ is what keeps me going. As for my colleagues, all I can tell you [is] Kiss my Bat butt!! I am here to help people with paranormal issues and [with] being demonically influenced, obsessed and possessed. I have fun on Facebook, but when it comes to people needing help, it is all about business then. Someday I will write a book and hopefully it will inspire young hearts and minds that love and serve Christ. Amen.”

Kym: And lastly, what do you love about being a Demonologist?

Bat: “I love everything God. He is my Savior and love everything about His word (meaning the Bible). I love His message. I do not fight Demons, however, Jesus does. He is in my heart and if he wasn’t the Demons would win every time.

Thank you for the interview; I can only hope that it will inspire people to get into this field and fight the good fight.”

Kym: Thank you Bat. It was such a pleasure talking today. I really appreciate your time and your honesty. 

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