Eye for an Eye…

The pain hit after the screaming. Her ivory face bubbled rapidly, dissolving from utter beauty into disastrous monstrosity – the slope of her nose melting quickly through to the bone. Unbelieving, staring in the mirror, Anna fumbled to turn the taps on. She splashed her face with gushes of water. It didn’t stop one eye from merging like molten wax into its cheekbone though. Frantic, she turned to leave, knocking her face wash to the floor. It burst open and splashed out, slashing burns all up her leg. Yelling wildly, she tried to open the locked door, but her chaotic hands were also burned, the fingertips chewed right off.

“Help! Donny help.”

But Donny couldn’t. He was too busy screwing the cap back on the battery acid, besides he wanted to completely destroy the vanity that she’d used against him – and that would take some time…

© kym darkly

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