Bit by bit she uncovered a body: clay skin, leather brow, naked and curled into a ball. Its silver eyes jumped open and onto her, off again, away, frightened. It had no hair. She thought it might be human. Trembling she tried to speak, but hearing a voice, it panicked and flapped its thin winged arms as a warning.

Super worms, feeding off its flesh, fled towards her and she screeched. Spooked, it leapt up quickly – seven feet tall with claw-like hands and mangled feet. Its face had merged features that fed into a crusted point: its mouth – open, teeth serrated, screaming. The stench alone made her faint, but its tongue was merciless – a knife-like snake, it slashed at her neck ripping through and severing vertebrae. She would never walk again, if she were still alive…

© kym darkly

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