Day: June 22, 2014


This crystal ball was different. It didn’t just glow; it tugged at her mind until it was pulled inside. Her slim fingers glossed slowly over it, caressing, feeling for futures, but today the Shew Stone didn’t want to entertain Tressa’s client. Today it had its own mission: to show her the imminent danger in her own life.

Tressa’s stomach knitted together with tight, steel fibres of fear. She could feel the answer coming to a question she had never asked. Black bubbles that she’d never seen before floated listless like a lava lamp beneath all ten digits that clasped the ball hard, as if to stop it. She shuddered. The ball she knew so well was warning her that something was coming to a slow, dark end.

Tressa angrily drew her hands form the crystal, but it exploded in response, throwing out black wax that consumed every inch of her. Falling to the floor, she fought the thick liquid like a fly trapped in a spider web – fought until it had worn her down, torn her apart, muffled her screams, and suffocated her. When the black sucked back into itself and dissolved, there was no more Tressa. No more future. Her time had come.

Remembering nothing, The client got up and left…

© kym darkly